My record of Scholarship and Creative Activities span my career as a music theorist, educator, and performing musician. I strive to integrate each of these as I foster music literacy skills through my analyses of repertoire and mentoring developing musicians.


My research and conference activities largely span the analysis of various tonal/post-tonal musics and Curriculum Studies (Aural Skills and Music Theory pedagogy). I regularly explore contemporary low brass and older vocal traditional and liturgical repertoire through a myriad of analytic lenses to better understand their sonic architecture. Samples of my publications and presentations can be found on online portals such as KSU's Digital Commons, ORCID, Web of Science, Proquest Pivot, and Google Scholar.

Creative Activities

Instrument Collection (including mulitple historic items)

Tenor Trombone
Bass Trombone
Eb Alto Trombone
Soprano trombone
Eb Alto Horn

Other Brass proficiencies

Bass Trumpet
Tenor Fanfare
G Bass Fanfare
Eb Alto Sackbut
F Bass Sackbut

Choral Tenor/Cantor (Select)

St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church (Kennesaw)

St. Mary’s Catholic Church (Red Deer)
Assumption Cathedral (Bangkok, Thailand)
St. Clement’s Catholic Church (Dartmouth)
Collegium Musicum (Oberlin)
Opera Nova Scotia
Miami Bach Society
Musicum Collegium (Univeristy of Miami)
Kings College Chapel Choir (Halifax)
St. Mary’s Basilica (Cathedral) (Halifax)