Class Information- Bio 3315 and 3315L

Fall 2004 Test 06 June 06

This page will be used to post any changes made to the Biology 3315/3315L syllabus. I will also use it to post information that might be relevant to the course. I suggest that you check this page at least once a week.

06 December 2005

See this CNN website entitled " Museum unveils replica of new dinosaur" about a newly discovered dinosaur found in Brazil. Go here:

Also, for the final exam, read Box 17-1 of your textbook.

09 November 2004

New Species of Sea Squirts Found? - article on todays CNN website about a new find off the cost of Georgia. Go here for details:

03 November 2004

Seminar TODAY: The KSU chapter of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, is holding its Fall meeting on 03 November from 4:00 - 5:00 in BB 381. At that meeting, we will have a guest speaker, Dr. Mark Hay of Dept. of Biology at Georgia Tech ( Dr. Hay will be presenting a seminar entitled "Why Small Herbivores Eat Toxic Plants: Lessons from Coral Reefs".

02 November 2004

The Georgia Merit will be at KSU on Wednesday, November 17th, to conduct tests for various jobs with the State . They are looking for the following: Chemistry and Biology majors to fill positions as Environmental Health Specialists and Conservation Rangers. Students will need to call the Career Center at (770) 423-6555 to sign up for a particular test. This should be done by Friday, 12th November. It's very important for applicants to create their resumes on before taking the exam. Go to, create an account and apply for the position. You will get a userID which you will need to bring to the exam. Applicants should also be sure they meet the minimum qualifications for the job or they will not receive the results of the test. Detailed job descriptions are available on the website. The exams will begin at 9:00am. These State jobs are great entry-level positions, and the State representatives are willing to take time to come and administer the tests right here at KSU. Please take advantage of this opportunity.

01 November 04

Here is a brief article about the evolution of the vertebrate eye: Marine worm sports two kinds of 'eyes'

27 October 2004

In this weeks NATURE, there is an article describing a new species of Homo called "Flores Man". You can read about it here: as well as on the CNN website here:

Here is the link to the CNN website with the article about Burmese python in the Everglades:

26 October 2004

Here is an interesting article: Duck-billed platypus boasts ten sex chromosomes.

21 October 2004

Here is an article on the CNN website about the Cuban tree frog I mentioned in class yesterday: "Exotic frog invades Georgia"

19 October 2004

Here is a new article about the delcine of amphibians. It appears on the Nature website here:

14 October 2004

Don't forget to read Box 9-1 in your text. I suggest looking at pages 167-179 as well. See chapter 7 if you've got questions about plate tectonics.

12 October 2004

Here are some video clips showing a coelacanth swimming (click on "More movies")":

07 October 2004

Here is an interesting article on the NATURE website entitled "Feathered ancestor of T. rex unearthed". Go to:

04 October 2004

Here is the website about Cichlid fishes that I used in class today:

27 September 2004

Here is the link I used in class today that explains cladistics.

Make sure to look at all four links at the bottom of the page. This material is fair game for the next exam and/or the final.

10 September 2004

Just a reminder that the lecture will meet in SC 245 on Monday, 13 Sept. and Wednesday, 15 Sept.

01 September 2004

Here are a few abstracts that you can read that deal with gene duplications that occured early in vertebrate evolution:

Gene duplications and the origins of vertebrate development

Hox genes, developmental evolution and the origin of vertebrates

More genes in vertebrates?

Phylogenetic Dating and Characterization of Gene Duplications in Vertebrates: The Cartilaginous Fish Reference

New Evidence for Genome-Wide Duplications at the Origin of Vertebrates Using an Amphioxus Gene Set and Completed Animal Genomes

13 August 2004

The first class meeting will be on Monday, 23 August. The first lab will be on Wednesday, 25 August..