Biology 3350L Helpful Hints

1)      Before coming to lab, READ the assigned material. Underline or highlight structures and any listed functions for which you are responsible.  Underline all structures on the diagrams.

2)      If you are fully prepared, you should be able to come to lab and locate all structure in the 2.75-hour lab time.  Skinning of organisms may take longer and if you dissect more slowly, you may have to spend more time each week in lab. This is why I said in the syllabus that you should expect to spend an extra 2-3 hours per week in lab.

3)      Learn functions etc. following the lab, returning to review the dissected organisms if necessary. 

4)      As you dissect READ the lab manual - don't just look at the pictures.

5)      Place all specimens in your plastic trays and seal the lids tightly. Spray specimens lightly with formalin at least once every two weeks. This should keep the specimens well preserved and make it easier for you to find structures. Return your  specimens to the shelving in the back of the lab. 

6)      Before the lab practical, you should plan on reviewing structures of your organisms in the lab.  Look at the specimens that have been dissected by other students (remember that variation is the rule in biology!). 

7)      Times when the lab will be open outside the scheduled laboratory times is limited.  Stay on schedule!  Don't get behind!  Plan your study time for practicals wisely. READ the material as you go through it to learn the material. Don't depend upon just memorizing names on the photos.

8)      See me for help whenever you run into a problem.  Do it early if you wait until the day before the exam it will be too late.