Lab 4: Body Cavities, Respiratory and Urogenital systems

Pp. 49 - 67; 94 - 99

I) Shark Digestive System:

A) Viscera -- Know (i.e., be able to identify and provide a function for) the following: Pleuroperitoneal cavity, liver (including liver lobes); gall bladder, duodenum, pancreas, phyloric sphincter, pylorus, stomach (body, greater and lesser curvatures), spleen, rugae, esophagus, papillae, valvular intestine, colon, cloaca, rectal gland;

B) Mesenteries -- Know: parietal peritoneum, visceral peritoneum, dorsal mesentery, ventral mesentery, falciform ligament, lesser omentum, mesentery

II) Shark Respiratory System:

Gill Structure: spiracle, internal gill slit, holobranch, gill filaments, gill rays, gill arch, gill lamellae, gill rakers (review the muscular and skeletal systems in this region).

B) Pleuroperitonal Cavity:

Arteries: Dorsal aorta, intersegmental arteries, celiac, gastric, pancreaticomesenteric, anterior intestinal,hepatic, antedrior mesenteric, gastrosplenic (aka lienogastric), posterior mesenteric, iliac, caudal.

Veins: Hepatic Portal, gastric, pancreatiomesenteric (include branches), lienomesenteric (include branches), hepatic, common cardinal, posterior cardinal vein and sinus, anterior cardinal, subclavian, renal, caudal

IV)� Shark Urogenital System

A) Male & Female (as appropriate - you are responsible for both) -- know: Claspers, testis, kidneys, ductus deferens, mesonephric duct (in female), seminal vesicle, urogenital papilla, mesovarium, ovary, oviduct, uterus, cloaca, urinary papilla.