Lab 5: Circulatory and Shark Nervous System

Pp. 69 - 80; 89 - 90

I) Circulatory: Be able to trace the flow of blood throughout the body.

A) Pericardial Cavity:

Heart : Pericardium, Atrium, Ventricle, coronary arteries, conus arteriosus, sinus venosus.


Ventral aorta, afferent branchial, efferent branchial,

Gill Structure: spiracle, internal gill slit, holobranch, gill filaments, gill rays, gill arch, gill lamellae, gill rakers (review the muscular and skeletal systems in this region).

Other Arteries: external carotid, hyoidean, paired dorsal aortae, subclavian.

II) Nervous/Endocrine

A) Sensory Organs: Ampullae of Lorenzini, Lateral line (do not worry about individual canals), olfactory sac, ocular muscles, nerves, eyeball(skip suprachoroid, ciliary body, suspensory ligaments); ear (skip endolymphatic ducts, utriculus, sacculus)(follow dissecting instructions carefully).

B) Brain: Telencephalon (know olfactory lobes, olfactory bulbs, and cerebral hemispheres); diencephalon (epiphysis); mesencephalon (optic lobes); metencephalon (cerebellum); mylencephalon (medulla);

Know: optic chiasam, hypophysis , lateral ventricle

Know the cranial nerves N.0 - N.X (but be careful, they are easily destroyed upon dissection). You do not need to know the individual branches of each nerve. See table on page 124.