Bio 4490 Class Information

Fall 2001

This page will be used to post any changes made to the Biology 4490 syllabus. I will also use it to post information that might be relevant to the course. You are responsible for any information posted here as it relates to modifications to the course syllabus. I suggest that you check this page at least once a week.

28 November 2001

Here are some sites that deal with Archaeopteryx:

Site about Archaeopteryx:

Photo of London specimen:

Photo of Berlin specimen:

Photo of Archaeopteryx bavarica: (in German) (shorter version in English but no photos)

Drawings of first 7 specimens:

Photos of resin casts of the 7 skeletons can be seen here:

19 November 2001

For information about feathered dromeosaurs, go to: and to

12 November 2001

The BBC has produced and will air a new program entitled "Walking with Beasts". It takes off where their program "Walking with Dinosaurs" ended. Nature has an on-line article about this new program. You can view it at:

Although not directly related to this class, you might find this article (and the TV program?) interesting.

07 Nov 2001

Here are the URL's of the theropod photos/websites I'm using for this section of lecture:












01 Nov 2001

FYI: Not directly related to this course, but:

1) On Wednesday, Nov. 14, at 5 PM in SC 109 (Science Lecture Hall) Sigma Xi will have a guest speaker. Dr. Paul Fernhoff of Emory U. School of Medicine will make a presentation entitled: "Screening Newborns for Genetic Disorders: Current Practice, Future Plans and Ethical Predicaments ".

2) A representative from St. George's University of Veterinary Medicine is scheduled to visit on Thursday, Nov. 15 @ 12:30 in SC 214.

31 October 2001

The exam next week will cover the Ornithischian dinosaurs only. That is, you will be responsible for the information indicated on the class syllabus from 17 September to 10 October. Material from the text, class readings (handouts) and todays video is fair game. All of the Saurischian information will appear on the final exam.

26 October 2001

In today's Atlanta Journal-Consitution, there is an article about a giant Mesozoic crocodile. You can read about it at: You can find out more on the National Geographic website at:

24 October 2001

Here are the photos used in today's lecture:

Plateosaurus : and

Diplodocus: and


Argentinosaurus: and



See also class information for 02 October 2001.

15 October 2001

Here are the photos used in today's lecture:


Iguanodon: and

Edmontosaurus: and

Lambeosaurus: and

Baby Maiasaurs:




See also photos available at the Museum of the Rockies (click on "Search Collection").

12 October 2001

A new dinosaur has been found in Australia. You can read a little bit about it on the CNN website at:

"Scientists discover large dinosaur remains in Australia" and "Giant dinosaur unearthed in Australia"

03 October 2001

Here are the URL's of the sites with the images I used in class today:






02 October 2001

Yesterday on NPR's Morning Edition, there was a piece about dinosaur skulls. You can listen to it by going to: and scrolling down to and clicking on "Missing Dinosaur Skulls". (This requires a "Real Time Player").

01 October 2001

Here are the URL's of the sites with the images I used in class today:





27 September 2001

If you've missed some or all of the PBS series "Evolution", it will be shown on WPBA (Channel 30) starting at 7:00 pm on 06 and 07 October.

25 September 2001

Just a reminder, the PBS series "Evolution" started last night and will continue through Thursday, 27 Sept on GPTV. You can get information about this program (and some good information about evolution) by visiting the PBS website:

19 September 2001

Here are some web sites I used in class today:

For my photographs taken at the American Museum of Natural history, go back to the Biol 4490 homepage and click on the appropriate boxes with the word "Photos" in them.

Dinosaur cladogram and diagrams:




12 September 2001

If you are interested in looking at a cladogram of tetrapods and their relatives, go to the "Tree of Life" website starting here:

If you just want the clade in which dinosaurs are found (the Diapsida), go directly to:

12 September 2001

The campus is open and we will have class today.

10 September 2001

For today's lecture, I used Rudolph Zallinger's famous dinosaur mural "The Age of Reptiles", found in the Peabody Museum at Yale. If you'd like to see it, go to:

30 August 2001

In today's issue of NATURE [412, 873 - 874 (2001)], there appears an article dealing with feeding in ornithomimid dinosaurs. It is "Palaeontology: The beaks of ostrich dinosaurs" by Norell, Makovicky & Currie. You can read the abstract of this paper by getting a free account at:

Yesterday evening, there was a short piece on NPR about this find as well. You can hear the piece (it requires a "Real Time Player") at:

Once at this website, scroll down to and click on "Ornithomimids".

You can also read about it on the ABC News website. Go to:

and read the article entitled: "A Dinosaur With a Delicate Diet: A New Fossil Suggests a Dinosaur Ate Like a Duck"

29 August 2001

If you are interested in looking at the websites I used in class today dealing with ground penetrating radar, here they are:

"Fossil Hunting, by Radar" :

Ground Penetrating Radar Images:

Ground Penetrating Radar Program:

29 August 2001

Here is an article I found in the archives of NATURE Updates. It deals with some of the issues dealing with ichnology. You can read "In the footsteps of dinosaurs" at:

21 August 2001

Please note that I have corrected the typos and other errors (e.g., scheduling class on Labor Day) on the syllabus.

19 August 2001

Welcome to the Biology of Dinosaurs. Yes, we will have class on Monday, 20 August. You might want to check out the article that appeared in today's issue of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. It's entitled "Bones of Contention" and deals with the "poaching" of fossils. You can read it at: