I teach in both the Industrial Engineering Technology and Apparel Textile Technology programs.

IET 4475 Senior Project 1-4-3

Prerequisite: IET 4422

This course focuses on the student completing a project that is a comprehensive application of the subject matter in the IET curriculum. A large-scale feasibility study is to be performed to emphasize the interrelated topics of logistical and production processes for a fictitious company. The course requires a formal written report and a defended oral presentation before industrial and academic experts.

IET 4478 Senior Internship 2-6-4

Prerequisites: IET 3403 & IET 4422

The course focuses on the student's completing a project at an existing business under the joint supervision of the Southern Poly faculty and practicing professionals. The course requires a formal written report and a defended oral presentation.

Apparel Textile Technology

ATT 1000 ATT Orientation 1-0-1

Prerequisites: None

This course is designed to provide students with an overall introduction to the apparel and textile industry, career opportunities, familiarization with college and departmental policies, curriculum, and facilities. An overview of apparel and textile manufacturing will be covered from receipt of raw material to the manufacturing and distribution of the finished product. 

ATT 3100 Fashion Merchandising 3-0-3

Prerequisite: ATT 1400

Application of merchandising principles as they relate to buying, problem-solving, retail math and visual presentation using standard industry practices and software. Students will learn how style, color and presentation are major ingredients to successful merchandising producing customer excitement and demand.

ATT 3800 Fashion Forecasting 3-0-3

Prerequisites: None

Explore the techniques used in industry today including computer software programs to assist with consumer-driven fashion forecasting. Students will examine how to identify, track, and analyze trends in apparel and consumer products consumption. Both long-range and short-range forecasting strategies will be used for market analysis. Consumer trend research activities involve collection of information from multiple sources on a continual basis for the consumer style selection, color selection, and the fabric and trim market.

ATT 4670 Apparel Business Practices 3-0-3

Prerequisites: ATT 1300, ATT 2600 & ATT 4750

Evaluation of the comprehensive factors that determine sound business practices for planning, scheduling and production of apparel products. Analysis includes the determination of production methods, equipment, personnel, materials, training, manufacturing capacities, lead times, and delivery schedules. Laboratory assignments include the use of software systems in predicting, gathering, manipulating, analyzing, and managing production by planning the optimum production cycle for a product from receipt of raw materials to the finished item.

ATT 4840 Apparel/Textile Business Project 1-4-3

Prerequisite: ATT 4670

This course is designed to provide the student with integrated knowledge from previous courses. The course focuses on the planning and control functions required in textile and apparel production systems, including design of facilities, inventories, and planning. A formal written report is required and an oral presentation will be evaluated by faculty members.