Group Members

Current group members:

Leeper Group

From left to right and front to back: Irena Padilla, Dr. Leeper, Kayla Maeger, Aamna Aijaz, Katelyn Hambrick (MS exp Sp 2023), Sam Moore (Double Owl; MS exp Su2024), Benita Okafor (First Year Student Scholar), and Portia Simpson. Not shown: Alexis Allen (Wheeler Magnet High School).

Past group members (KSU):

Leeper group ACS 2021

From left to right: Conner Casterline (MS Sp2022), Katie Letsinger (MS Sp2022), Dr. Leeper, William Turner (MS Su2022), and Amany Gaddy (MS Su2022). Not shown: Katelyn Hambrick (1st year MSCB student), Jiliene Durham (undergraduate student), and Stephen Litt (Kennesaw Mountain High School).

Diange Diatta

Diane Diatta (MS Su2019; currently an instructor at KSU)

Aaron Schultz

Aaron Schultz (MS exp Fa2021; currently a PhD student at Univ. of Miami)

Leah Greinke

Leah Greinke (MS Sp2021; currently working for ThermoFisher)

Sara Waldron

Sarah (Thomas) Waldon (technician).

Undergrads at KSU: Hunter Spivey, Farah Abaza, Erin Cureau, Kimberly Meyberg, Nancy Saint-Fort, Bryan Okosun, Laney Tidwell, Jenny Wong, Preston Eldridge, Caroline Salha, Avery Moss, Sarah Fashinasi, Alyssa Wright, Tilly Fulcher, Mikaela Seeman, Katherine Thornburgh, Anna Massey.

Past group members (University of Akron and College of Wooster):

Graduate Students and Postdocs: Dr. Stephanie Billinovich, PhD in 2014, post-doc with Davidson at UNC and then Dan Campbell’s group at Michigan State University; Dr. Caroline Davis Ph.D. 2015 is an instructor at University of Akron; Dr. Ram Khattri, PhD 2016, post-doc with Matt Merritt at Univ. of Florida; Dr. Joel Caporoso, PhD 2016, post-doc with Xu/Tang supergroup at the Univ. of Pittsburgh; Dr. Daniel Morris, co-mentored with Ziegler, PhD 2018, is a post-doc and with Nico Tjandra at NIH. Regarding his post-doc trainees, Dr. Matt Panzner runs analytical chemistry at Synthomer and Dr. Yanyan Zhang is an executive director and section head at ChemPartner. 

Undergrads: Alexandra Defabio, Alexandria Smith, Amanda Zganjar, Andrew Caras, Brandon Rapier, Dominique Oates, Dr. Alaina Thiel Cole, Dr. Daniel Morris, Dr. Gregory Buchan, Dr. Jillian Parker, Dr. Michael Robinson, Jacob Sweet, Kahlilah Napper, Lisa, Mickley, Lucille Ray, Nita Duangjumpa, Shawn Christie, Victor Jones, Anna (Emmick) Cole, Hannah Hicks.