[11/28/2023] Congratulation to Duy Pham, Jake Irvine and Ben McKinney for presenting their research at Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall meeting in Boston!



[10/1/2023] Welcome new cohorts of 2023 First Year Scholars!!  Adam Wille, Claire Brownyard, Clay Love, James Kyle, and Peter Samman. 

[8/1/2023] Congratulations to Duy Pham, Jake Irvin and Ben McKinney on accpetance of their research work in Materials Research Society (MRS) conference in Boston!

[4/20/2023] Group participation and presentation of research at spring 2023 KSU symposium. 


[4/15/2023] Congratulations to Jake Irvin and Mason Cox for presenting their research work at National Conference for Undergraduate Research

mason ncur  jake ncur