Our Team


Dr. Ashish Aphale leads the Aphale Research Group at KSU which is involved in the research of materials for alternative and clean energy systems, multifunctional nanocomposites, and sensor technologies. Energy storage and conversion systems based on fundamentals of electrochemistry is explored for long-term performance and reliability improvement. Aphale group is motivated to apply innovative materials systems towards contributing to clean energy infrastructure.


Duy Pham is a graduate student in Interdisciplinary Engineering (PhD) program at Kennesaw State University (KSU). He graduated from KSU in Summer 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Duy is currently working on the synthesis of novel electrode materials for applications in energy storage systems. He joined Dr. Aphale’s research group in Fall 2021.








Claire Brownyard joined our research team in 2023. She is a freshman pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Biology with a concentration in General Biology at Kennesaw State University. Her research interests include sustainability, environmental conservation, clean energy, animal health sciences, animal behavior, and veterinary medicine. Claire is a member of the President’s Emerging Global Scholars in the Honors College and is a part-time veterinary assistant at a small practice near KSU. She enjoys video games and traveling with her family.






James Kyle recently joined the research team in Fall of 2023. He is a Freshman seeking a degree in Mechanical Engineering with honors at KSU. James's research interests are EV technology, and various types of clean-energy propulsion systems. He is also a member of the KSU Formula SAE team, has a hobby of 3D modeling cars, is an RC enthusiast, and is often fond of going on random adventures along the way.



I am Hubert “Clay” Love. I am pursuing a mechanical engineering degree with an aerospace minor. I am new to research, but anything involving energy conservation, new forms of energy, or anything involving aerospace would likely be of interest for me. I work as an intern at Digital Projection, where I am learning to CAD model. I am in the KSU marching band as a trombonist and plan to continue music as a hobby.


Mason Cox is a mechatronics engineering major studying robotics. He joined the research team this semester, fall 2022. He graduated from SGSC last spring with his associates in Physics.


Jake Irvin recently joined our research team in Fall 2022. He is a junior pursing a degree in both physics and mechanical engineering at KSU. His research interests are carbon nanotechnologies, material science and clean, renewable energy sources. Jake is also a member of the KSU club cycling team, competes in triathlons, and enjoys hiking with his Australian shepherd, Riley.

Jacob Dileonardi recently joined our research team in Fall 2022. He is a freshmen in mechanical engineering department at KSU.







 Ben McKinney is  freshman who joined through the first flight program at KSU. He is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and plan to work in the energy industry after graduation. 

Sonnett Kowalski recently joined our group through the first year scholar program (FYSP 2022). He is majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

Beth Woldesus recently joined our group through the first year scholar program (FYSP 2022). He is majoring in Mechanical Engineering 

Quang Lam joined our group as a part of the First Year Scholar Program (FYPS) at KSU in Fall 2021. He is leading the research efforts for developing sensor device for detection of heavy metal contaminants. Quang is a sophomore in mechanical engineering department at KSU.



Jay Imperatori  (2023-Present)

Joel Williams (2022-2023)

Davis Pham (2022-2023)



Past Students:

Mohamed Elkohly

Navid Nasajpour 

Joel Mututeke