Research Statement: 

Professor Aphale's research focus is in developing advanced materials for specific applications such as clean energy systems, multifunctional nanocomposites and sensor technologies. He works on developing fundamental understanding of degradation processes in materials under systems operating conditions, corrosion in presence of complex high-temperature gas environment, electrode/electrolyte interface and bulk electrochemical studies. Use of carbon based nanomaterials in developing electrodes for energy storage systems such as supercapacitor. Adjacency (interdisciplinary) area of application is in the development of biosensor platform and fabrication of nanofibrous scaffolds for artificial tissue engineering.

Research Interests:

  • Materials for clean energy technology, hydrogen and oxygen production
  • High-temperature oxidation and corrosion study
  • Fuel cells and supercapacitors
  • Carbon nanomaterials- graphene, CNTs, quantum dots


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