CoursesSpring Semester 2024

PHYS 3500K -- Computational Physics I

Course Overview

We will use introductory computer programming to analyze situations that are unique to physics. You will enhance your computational thinking by using these methods and learn to obtain high-accuracy approximate solutions to physics problems that are not solvable by analytic means. No prior programming knowledge will be assumed, and the basics of the Python programming language will be introduced. 


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Previous Courses:

Fall Semester 2023

PHYS 3710 -- Modern Physics 

Course Overview

We will introduce the two fundamental pillars of Modern Physics: Relativity and Quantum Physics. Our main objective is to attain a basic understanding of the physical laws and phenomena that will lead us to special relativity and quantum mechanics. We will strengthen our knowledge of Special Relativity and explore aspects of the Quantum Theory of wave/particle duality and its probabilistic interpretation. We will also examine the Schrödinger equation in detail, along with its solutions for simple potentials. We will then derive the properties of the one-electron atom, and apply quantum principles to atomic, molecular and nuclear structures.


PHYS 2212L -- Principles of Physics II  Laboratory

Course Overview

This is an introductory laboratory associated with the calculus-based course 'Principles of Physics II'. We will cover electromagnetism, optics, and modern physics through various experiments. We will apply the concepts of electric field and electric currents to problems in the laboratory, and perform measurements on magnetic fields and induction, optics, and elementary quantum physics phenomena. We will also discuss the analysis of sources of error and formal propagation of uncertainties, along with graphical techniques and least-squares fits.


Spring Semester 2023

PHYS 2212 -- Principles of Physics II


Fall Semester 2022

PHYS 3710 -- Modern Physics 


PHYS 2212L -- Principles of Physics II  Laboratory


Spring Semester 2022

PHYS 1112 -- Introductory Physics II

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Fall Semester 2021

PHYS 1112 -- Introductory Physics II