CV of failures

SuccessFrom a failure, a disappointment or even from an unfulfilled dream, great things can arise. Actually, I do believe that failure is what makes us better (particularly in academia).
Whereas my regular résumé organizes my successes, accomplishments and overall progress, this failure résumé is intended to track the times I didn’t quite hit the mark, along with the lessons I learned.

The idea of generating this CV of failures is not mine. I am just following previous examples of CVs produced by Johannes Haushofer, Bradley Voytek, and Sara Rywe among others.

Degree programs I did not get into

  • 1996: Aeronautical Engineering. Brown University

Degree programs I did not finish

  • 1996: Mechanical Engineering. University of Valladolid

Academic positions and fellowships I did not get 

  • 2017: Associate Professor of Evaluation. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • 2013: Research Associate. Ikerbasque
  • 2006: Fulbright Posdoctoral Scholarship.

Research funding I did not get

  • 2020. Creation of a Steelcase Education Active Learning Center. Steelcase Foundation
  • 2019. Interactive Research Methods Lab 4-Teachers. Spencer Foundation
  • 2018. Development of a 2.0 Version of the Hopscotch Model. Spencer Foundation
  • 2018. Rayuela 3.0: Un Modelo y Herramienta Web para Asistir la Generación de Diseños de Investigación en Educación. COTEC Foundation
  • 2017. OVPR Pilot/Seed Program. Kennesaw State University
  • 2017. EXALTED: Exploring alternative ways for analyzing the Educational Technology phenomena. Programa Estatal de Fomento de la Investigacón Científica y Técnica de Excelencia
  • 2017. Hopscotch 2.0: a Webtool to Bridge Paradigmatic and Pragmatic Approaches to Teaching and Learning QualitativeResearch Methods in Graduate Research Courses. IDEA Foundation
  • 2017. The WE-GROW Engineering Project. Women in Engineering: Graduation and Retention/Recruitment Opportunities for Women. National Science Foundation
  • 2015. Cultivating an Engineering Honor Corps in Georgia. National Science Foundation