Professional Sevices

  • Journal Reviewer for numerous peer-reviewed journals published by a variety of prestigious publishers including: APS, AIP, ElsevierFrontiersHindawi, IOP, IEEE, IET, JPSKPS, MDPI, Nature, Optica (formerly OSA), Royal Society, RSC, Springer, Wiley, and others.
  • Book Reviewer for Benthem Science, McGraw Hill, etc.
  • Editorial Board Member:  Journal of Optical Microsystems by SPIE (Guest Edtiror on the topic of integrated quantum photonic systems, since 03/2023); Frontiers in Physics by Frontiers (Guest Associate Editor for the Research Topic: Advances and Applications of Laser Effects, since 11/2022); Photonics by MDPI (Topical Advisory Panel, since 11/2022); Frontiers in ICT, Frontiers in Physics, Frontiers in Computer Science by Frontiers (Review Editor on the Review Editorial Board of "Quntum Engineering and Technology", since 10/2022); Frontiers in Physics, Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences, Frontiers in Materials by Frontiers (Associate Editor, since 04/2022); Symmetry by MDPI (Topic Editorial Board Member, since 04/2021); Photonics by MDPI (Guest Editor, special issue on "Nonlinear and Quantum Optics in Coupled Structures: Fundamentals and Applications", 03/2021 -- 08/2022); Signals by MDPI (Topic Editorial Board Member, since 08/2020); Frontiers in Physics, Frontiers in Astronomy and Space, Frontiers in Materials by Frontiers (Review Editor, 11/2019-04/2022);  Dataset Papers in Science by Hindawi (Eitorial Board Member, 2011-2017).

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  • Conference Paper Reviewer for NCUR and ICPMS.
  • Grant Reviewer for DoE, NSF, RGC, ISF, NCSTE, MIUR, ANR, etc. 
  • Panel Review for DoE, NSF, etc.