Group Members

Principle Investigator: 

Jianming Wen


Dr. Saeid Vashahri-Ghamsari, 10/2021 -- 09/2022 (Expertise in Quantum Optics, Optomechanics, non-Hermitian Physics, Nonlinear Dynamics, etc)

Dr. Yanhua Zhai (03/2019 -- 06/2022, currently IBM Residence Scholar at Spelman College, Expertise in Quantum Optics, Fiber Optics, Optical Imaging, Photonics, Nonlinear Optics, Quantum Science and Technologies, Quantum Chemistry, AMO Physics, non-Hermitian Physics, etc)

Dr. Qian Liu  (05/2019 -- 08/2020, Visiting Scholar, Professor at Xi'an University of Technology, China)

Undergraduate Students:

Mr. August Meads (physics)  03/2021 -- 07/2021; Mr. Jackson Burdett (physics)  07/2020 -- 11/2020;

Mr. James Gerdes, Mr. Pablo Limon (09/2021 -- 05/2022)

Ms. Rebecca Anderson (09/2021)

Independent Publications by Dr. Zhai and Dr. Liu:

4.  Qian Liu, Shihan Zhao, Ming Xu, Chunpeng Lan, and Yanhua Zhai, "Investigation and design of efficient intramolecular charge transfer dyes with DBTP-based dual-electron-donor structure", under review in ChemPhysChem (2021).

3. Qian Liu, Shihan Zhao, Yanhua Zhai, Ming Xu, Miao Li, and Xianbin Zhang, "Optical-electronic performance and mechanism investigation of dihydroindolocarbazole-based organic dyes for DSSCs", Results in Physics 23, 103939 (2021).

2.  Qian Liu, Qungui Wang, Ming Xu, Jinglin Liu, and Jianping Liang, "DFT characterization and design of anthracene-based molecules for improving spectra and charge transfer", Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 227, 117627 (2020).

1.  Q. Wang, Z. Zeng, X. Chen, Qian Liu, and Ming Xu, “Rational design non-fullerene acceptor- based high efficiency BHJ polymer solar cells through theoretical investigations”, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 383, 111985 (2019).