• Atomic, Molecular and Optical (AMO) Physics      
  1. Quantum/Nonlinear Optics (Nonclassical light generation and characterization, quantum entanglement, light-matter interaction, multi-wave mixing, (ultra)cold atoms, non-Hermitian physics, cavity QED, etc)
  2. Quantum Measurements (POVM, weak measurements, etc)
  3. Quantum-Enabled Technologies (Quantum information science, quantum imaging & lithography, quantum sensing, quantum communications, quantum computing, quantum networks, quantum metrology, quantum spectroscopy, etc)
  4. Foundations of Quantum Mechanics (Wave-particle duality or Bohr's complimentarity principle, various interpretations of quantum theory, mesophysics, etc)
  • Photonics
  1. Non-Hermtian Physics (Parity-time symmetry, exceptional point, topological effects, Floquet systems, etc)
  2. (Quantum) Integrated Photonics (Optical nonreciprocity, optical filter and switch, microcavity lasers, etc)
  3. Optomechanics (Microdisks, microtoroid resonators, frequency combs, etc)
  4. Optical Sensors (Unconventional sensors, etc)
  • Optical Imaging
  1. Diffractive Optics (Fourier optics, Talbot effect (or self-imaging), ghost imaging, etc)
  2. Optical Superresolution Imaging (sub-Rayleigh diffracted imaging, superoscillations, correlation imaging, etc)
  3. Optical Spectroscopy/Microscopy (Noise-correlated sensitive spectroscopy, atomic magnetometry, etc)
  • Condensed Matter Physics
  1. Circuit QED
  2. Low-Dimensional Materials (Graphene, TMDC, etc)
  3. Phase Transitions
  4. Dispersion Forces

Our research is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF), Department of Energy (DoE), and Kennesaw State University.

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