Jianming Wen

Associate Professor of Optical Physics

Fields of Insterest: Atomic, Molecular, and Optical (AMO) Physics -- quantum optics, nonlinear optics, (ultra)cold atoms, quantum correlations and entanglement, quantum information, distributed quantum computing, quantum sensing, quantum metrology, quantum spectroscopy, quantum measurements, non-Hermitian physics, foundations of quantum mechanics, quantum-to-classical transition, quantum electrodynamics (QED); Optical Imaging -- quantum imaging and lithography, diffractive optics, self-imaging, optical superresolution imaging; Photonics -- parity-time symmetry, (quantum) integrated photonics, optomechanics, optical gyroscopes; Condensed Matter Physics -- circuit QED, topological physics, dispersion forces, electron transport in 2D materials, Abraham-Minkowski controversy; etc.

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Contact:    Department of Physics
                  Kennesaw State University
                 1100 S. Marietta PKWY, MD#9041
                 Marietta, GA 30060
Phone:      (+1) 470-578-4206

We are welcome undergraduate students and graduate students accross departments at KSU to join our group to carry out independent research! You can bring your own projects! You are also very welcome to pick up any topics that we could be helpful in the group! Financial supports for the research are available for the whole year!

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