Doctoral Students


Ayomide Afolabi

Ayomide Afolabi is a doctoral student in the Department of Data Science and Analytics at Kennesaw State University. Before starting his doctoral studies, Ayomide earned master's degrees in Data Science and Industrial Engineering from Auburn University, Alabama, showcasing a strong foundation in both fields. Currently, Ayomide's research is on cooperative control of connected automated vehicles in mixed traffic, leveraging the power of reinforcement learning to pioneer innovative solutions for future transportation challenges.  



Duleep Rathgamage Don

Duleep Rathgamage Don is a Ph.D. student in the School of Data Science and Analytics at Kennesaw State University. Before coming to the Ph.D. program, Duleep was a Graduate Student at Georgia Southern University and the University of Wyoming. He earned his MS in Mathematics with a concentration in computational mathematics from Georgia Southern University. Duleep’s current research is focused on network clustering for estimating the macroscopic fundamental diagram (MFD) and developing machine learning methods for dynamic traffic modeling in urban regions.



Faysal Chowdhoury 

Faysal Chowdhoury is pursuing a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Engineering and currently working as a Graduate Research Assistant in the Smart Transportation Systems lab at the Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering and Engineering Technology at Kennesaw State University under the supervision of Dr. Mahyar Amirgholy. Prior to joining Kennesaw State University, Faysal worked as a design engineer in the industry and as a lecturer in engineering schools. He has a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering with a Dean's Honor Award from Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh. Faysal's primary research focus is on a hybrid modeling approach that utilizes machine learning techniques to analyze the broader implications of energy dynamics and environmental consequences in the context of transportation electrification and charging infrastructure.


Master's Students


Fushata Andani Mohammed 

Fushata Andani Mohammed is a graduate student at the Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering and Engineering Technology at Kennesaw State University. Fushata is pursuing her Master's degree in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Transportation Systems. Focused on the intricacies of signal-free urban networks, her research primarily delves into the collaborative control of connected automated vehicles, with an emphasis on extending battery life for sustainable city mobility. Passionate about sustainable urban transportation, Fushata aims to revolutionize the way we perceive and utilize modern transportation systems.


Nikhila Pic

Sai Nikhila Kanigiri

Sai Nikhila Kanigiri is pursuing a Master's in Computer Science at Kennesaw State University. She kicked off her career as an Associate Software Engineer at Robert Bosch Engineering, specializing in Airbag Systems.  With almost 32 months of experience at Bosch, Sai Nikhila made the leap to Verizon, where she embraced a billing modernization project. Currently, Sai Nikhila is a Research Assistant in Dr. Mahyar Amirgholy's group, focusing on developing an interactive tool for estimating energy consumption and air pollutant emissions of electric and fuel-based vehicles and power plants under various EV adoption and charging infrastructure development scenarios. Her role involves coordinating the backend development by integrating EPA MOVES with the core model and creating the frontend interface of NEIMAT.


Undergraduate Scholars


Chrisley Licona-Hernandez 

Chrisley Licona-Hernandez is a student at Kennesaw State University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering. Her design and Media specialist TCC from Atlanta Technical has given her a different perspective to engineering. She participates in the undergraduate research project National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program: Estimating the Energy Consumption and Air Pollutant Emissions from the Power Plants with Dr. Amirgholy. She has also been accepted to a study abroad course, Earth Science and Culture of Japan, enriching her understanding of her major by experiencing it outside of America firsthand. She is driven to play her part in creating a sustainable future.



David Garcia-Ramos 

David Garcia-Ramos is an undergraduate scholar at Kennesaw State University, currently immersed in the world of Civil and Environmental Engineering. With a keen interest in cutting-edge technologies, his research is dedicated to advancing the use of artificial intelligence in illuminating short tunnels. Looking ahead, David is set to embark on a compelling academic journey at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he will pursue a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering, complemented by a minor in Computational Data Analysis. 




Kayden Powell 

Kayden Powell is a Civil Engineering student at Kennesaw State University who grew up in Dahlonega, Georgia. She graduated from Lumpkin County High School in May 2023. Kayden is now excited to be part of the "National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program" research project. She believes that it will help her develop valuable research skills and enhance our understanding of the impact of electric vehicles. Kayden is passionate about transportation and renewable energy, and she is thrilled to be contributing to research in this field.