For 25 years, I have been the instructor of record for collegiate courses. My areas of instruction are rooted in the academic discipline and practical application of nonprofit management and leadership. My graduate study prepared me to have a comparative understanding of nonprofit (U.S.) and nongovernmental organizations (abroad). I am also well informed and trained in alternative ways for civic engagement, agenda setting, and public policy formulation outside of formal structures. I am adept at teaching courses and supervising students at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate levels. Likewise, I am skilled at facilitating trainings and workshops that make complex concepts accessible to laypeople, practitioners, and policymakers for more informed decision-making.

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Teaching and Learning Practice

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Dr. Darlene Xiomara Rodriguez

Professors Talk Writing

What does it mean to write like a biologist? How do engineers use writing in their work? What does your theater professor wish you knew about writing?

Expectations and conventions for writing vary widely across disciplines. In these brief videos, faculty from across the university share insight into why and how they write. Their candid, entertaining advice aims to help students succeed in writing for their chosen fields and encourages ongoing conversation about writing throughout the KSU community. 

KSU Professor Talks Writing - Dr. Darlene Rodriguez