My earlier research was focused on data analysis of a newly developed Potentiostat (Dr. Peter Sturrock, 1990’s, Georgia Institute of Technology). Later, my research was integrated with my teaching focus on the following areas: (1) Applications of multivariate calibration techniques including least squares regression, partial least squares regression (PLSR), and target factor analysis (TFA) in quantitative analysis as applied to multicomponent systems. These techniques increase selectivity and minimize chemical interference. (2) Applications of multivariate analysis techniques (PCA, PLS2-DA, PLSR) in class identification of highly correlated systems. Class identification is key in forensic analytical chemistry investigations. (3) Evaluating antioxidant power of over the counter (OTCs)medicines that are used to control arthritis and other related disorders. We are using chemical radicals such as 1,1-Diphenyl-2-picryl-hydrazyl (DPPH) and electrochemical detection to evaluate the antioxidant capacities of OTCs. (4) We are recently focusing on establishing chemical markers for essential oils using FTIR/Chemometrics and GC/MS. The role of essential oils as food preservatives, homeopathic medicine, fragrances in air fresheners and toiletries behooves us to understand more about their chemical composition.

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Fuel analysis

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