Hartman et al. APEX Calculus Sections

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Section 2.7  Derivatives of Inverse Functions

Section 6.2    Integration by Parts

Section 6.3   Trigonometric Integrals

Section 6.4    Trigonometric Substitution

Section 6.5    Partial Fraction Decomposition

Section 6.7    L'Hopital's Rule

Section 6.8    Improper Integration

Section 8.1    Sequences

Section 8.2    Infinite Series

Section 8.3    Integral and Comparison Tests

Section 8.4    Ratio and Root Tests

Section 8.5    Alternating Series and Absolute Convergence

Section 8.6    Power Series

Section 8.7    Taylor Polynomials

Section 8.8    Taylor Series

Supplemental Materials   Formulas and Tables