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[G] Links to Calculus: Late Transcendentals by Guichard and friends 
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[H] Links to APEX Calculus by Hartman et al.
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Chapter A: Transcendental Functions

Table for chapter A: Transcendental Functions
Section Topic Link to Guichard et al. Link to Hartman et al.
A.1 Inverse Functions Section A.1 [G]  (9.1)  
A.2 The Natural Logarithm Section A.2 [G]  (9.2)  
A.3 The Exponential Function Section A.3 [G]  (9.3)  
A.4 Other Bases Section A.4 [G]   (9.4)  

A.5 Inverse Trigonometric Functions  

Section A.5 [G]   (9.5)

Section A.5 [H]  (2.7)


Chapter B: Techniques of Integration

Table for chapter B: Techniques of Integration
Section Topic Link to Guichard et al. Link to Hartman et al.
B.1 Trigonometric Integrals Section B.1 [G]  (10.1) Section B.1 [H] (6.3)
B.2Trigonometric Substitution Section B.2 [G]  (10.2) Section B.2 [H]  (6.4)
B.3 Integration by Parts Section B.3 [G]  (10.3) Section B.3 [H]  (6.2)
B.4 Rational Functions-Partial Fractions Section B.4 [G]  (10.4) Section B.4 [H]  (6.5)
B.5 Numerical Integration Section B.5 [G]  (10.5)  
B.6 L'Hopital's Rule Section B.6 [G]  (4.7) Section B.6 [H]  (6.7)
B.7 Improper Integrals Section B.7 [G]  (11.2) Section B.7 [H]  (6.8)
B.8 Additional Integration Exercises Section B.8 [G]  (10.6)  


Chapter C: Polar Coordinates, Parametric Equations

Table for chapter C: Polar Coordinates and Parametric Equations
Section Topic Link to Guichard et al.  
C.1 Polar Coordinates Section C.1 [G]  (12.1)        
C.2 Slopes in Polar Coordinates Section C.2 [G]  (12.2)  
C.3 Areas in Polar Coordinates Section C.3 [G]  (12.3)  
C.4 Parametric Equations Section C.4 [G]  (12.4)  
C.5 Calculus with Parametric Equations Section C.5 [G]  (12.5)  


Chapter D: Sequences and Series

Table for chapter D: Sequences and Series
Section Topic Link to Guichard et al. Link to Hartman et al.
D.1 Sequences Section D.1 [G] (13.1) Section D.1 [H] (8.1)
D.2 Series Section D.2 [G] (13.2) Section D.2 [H] (8.2)
D.3 The Integral Test Section D.3 [G] (13.3) Section D.3 [H] (8.3)
D.4 Alternating Series Section D.4 [G] (13.4) Section D.4 [H] (8.5)
D.5 Comparison Tests Section D.5 [G] (13.5) Section D.5 [H] (8.3)
D.6 Absolute Convergence Section D.6 [G] (13.6) Section D.6 [H] (8.5)
D.7 The Root and Ratio Tests Section D.7 [G] (13.7) Section D.7 [H] (8.4)
D.8 Power Series Section D.8 [G] (13.8) Section D.8 [H] (8.6)
D.9 Calculus with Power Series Section D.9 [G] (13.9)  
D.10 Taylor Series Section D.10 [G] (13.10) Section D.10 [H] (8.8)
D.11 Taylor Polynomials Section D.11 [G] (13.11) Section D.11 [H] (8.7)
D.12 Additional Exercises Section D.12 [G] (13.12)  


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