Math 3204: Calculus IV (Fall 2023)

General Information

Instructor: Mikhail Lavrov
Location: Architecture 174
Lecture times: 5:00pm to 6:15pm on Monday and Wednesday
Textbook: Thomas' Calculus, Early Transcendentals, by Joel Hass, Christopher Heil, and Maurice D. Weir (14th edition).
Office hours: 3:30pm to 5:30pm on Thursday in my office, Mathematics 245, or by appointment.
D2L page:

D2L will be used to submit assignments (these will be posted both here and on D2L, for convenience) and to view grades. The syllabus will also be posted there.

During the scheduled office hours, you should feel free to show up with no notice if you have questions of any kind. These are joint office hours for both classes I'm teaching. If you have the flexibility, I would prefer calculus questions in the second hour, 4:30pm-5:30pm; if not, either hour is fine.

If you cannot make the scheduled office hours, begin by emailing me; if your questions are easy to answer by email, I will do that, and if not, we can find another time to meet. (Allow some time for me to check my email.)

Homework and Exams

There will be eight homework assignments, two midterm exams, and one final exam; the dates are marked below.

I will post the homework assignments here and on D2L; they are always due on Friday at 11:59pm, via D2L.

Exams will be given in person during our ordinary 75-minute class period.

Detailed Schedule

A number like HHW 12.3 indicates material covered in Chapter 12, section 3 of the textbook. We are going through some difficult material slowly and carefully here, so every note like this applies to a set of 2-3 lectures at once.

Lecture notes will be posted on this page the day of the lecture or earlier.

The schedule given below is based on how I taught the class last semester, so it may see some changes as we go.

  • Date
    Topic Covered
    Other details
  • Mon 8/14
    Cylindrical integrals
    Lecture notes
    HHW 15.7
  • Wed 8/16
    Spherical integrals
    Lecture notes
  • Mon 8/21
    Substitution in 2D
    Lecture notes
    HHW 15.8
  • Wed 8/23
    Substitution in 3D
    Lecture notes
    HW 1 due Friday
  • Mon 8/28
    Parametric curves
    Lecture notes
    HHW 16.1
  • Wed 8/30
    Scalar line integrals
    Lecture notes
  • Mon 9/4
    No class
  • Wed 9/6
    Vector fields
    Lecture notes
    HHW 16.2
    HW2 due Friday
  • Mon 9/11
    Vector line integrals
    Lecture notes
  • Wed 9/13
    Flux integrals
    Lecture notes
  • Mon 9/18
    Path independence
    Lecture notes
    HHW 16.3
  • Wed 9/20
    Conservative or not?
    Lecture notes
    HW3 due Friday
  • Mon 9/25
    Exam 1
  • Wed 9/27
    Trouble with domains
  • Mon 10/2
    2D curl and divergence
    HHW 16.4
  • Wed 10/4
    Green's theorem
    HW 4 due Friday
  • Mon 10/9
  • Wed 10/11
    Parametrizing surfaces
    HHW 16.5
  • Mon 10/16
    Surface area
  • Wed 10/18
    Area of implicit surfaces
    HW 5 due Friday
  • Mon 10/23
    Scalar surface integrals
    HHW 16.6
  • Wed 10/25
    Vector surface integrals
  • Mon 10/30
  • Wed 11/1
    Curl vector field
    HHW 16.7
    HW 6 due Friday
  • Mon 11/6
    Exam 2
  • Wed 11/8
    Stokes' theorem
  • Mon 11/13
    Conservative fields
  • Wed 11/15
    Divergence theorem
    HHW 16.8
    HW 7 due Friday
  • Mon 11/20
    No class
  • Wed 11/22
    No class
  • Mon 11/27
    Divergence and curl
  • Wed 11/29
    Unifying the theorems
    HW 8 due Friday
  • Mon 12/4
    Examples and review
  • Wed 12/6
    Final exam (6:00pm to 8:00pm)