I love reading, traveling, playing piano, and blogging--although I don't get to do any of them as much as I'd like. Hence, the name of my blog~~The Meaning of Life and Other Minor Details: Practicing Mindfulness After Fifty. Here is the link:

Ugena's Blog


TV: I may be addicted to television. TV lets me disengage the brain and just coast for an hour or so. Not a bad thing, in my book. I like to find a series on Netflix and binge watch. I love documentaries and docu-dramas. 

Books: I am currently binge reading books on the JFK assassination. Born in 1963, this event shaped me and I can't get enough. I recently read academic books on queer theology and works by and about Dietrich Bonhoeffer. I try to stay current on professional reading, but sometimes I need to read something just for fun. My all time favorite book is Harriet the Spy.

Travel: I'm lucky enough to get to travel a lot to educational conferences. I really love New York City and Provincetown, MA. I love Florida beaches and wooded landscapes. 

Movies: I like the Harry Potter movies. My all time favorite movie is The Birdcage. I watch it every time it is aired. I love quoting the dialogue and can always find an appropriate situation to do so. I watch It's a Wonderful Life every year and cry at Harry Bailey's toast!

Music: I have eclectic taste in music. My favorite choices are oldies, particularly Elvis.

Nature: Under this category I am lumping all activities that involve sitting and thinking and just plain being.