Housekeeping Hints Whitlock: Spring 2006

The following are a few preferences, procedures, routines, and personal policies for my classes.

1. Attendance: KSU has no official attendance policy, so each professor sets his or her own. I have stated my class attendance guidelines in my syllabus. Because discussion and collaboration is vital to a meaningful classroom experience, I expect students to attend class. I check attendance at each class meeting. If you are unable to attend, please email me at prior to the class.

2. PowerPoints and Text: You will be introduced to course content through a variety of media, particularly from our texts and PowerPoint presentations. These presentations, class discussions, and lectures do not replace your reading assignments. I expect you to read assigned material and consider it a component of your professionalism.

3. Professional Courtesy: I expect exemplary professional, civil, and respectful behavior from each of my students. Please silence your cell phones during class.

4. Discussions and Group Collaboration: Much of my courses consists of your collaborating with classmates to problem solve or develop presentations. I have made every effort to provide some class time for group collaboration. However, groups may need to meet outside of class and/or via email or D2L.

5. Course Assignments: Most course assignments will be assigned in a Dropbox folder on D2L. I may not accept late work. Due dates will be included on the syllabus; if I adjust them, they will  never be earlier than the dates stated on the syllabus.

6. Graded Assignments: I will attempt to have assignments graded and returned one week after they are submitted. Timely and meaningful feedback is central to the learning process. It has been my experience that students are quite conscientious about completing assignments; therefore, I will return your graded work promptly.

7. Assignment Formatting: All written assignments should be typed, double spaced, and be in 12 point font, and either Arial, Times New Roman, or another of the standard professional fonts. Staple in the upper left corner: please, no binders or folders. In the top right corner of your paper the following information should be typed in SINGLE SPACE:

Your first and last name
Month day, Year
Assignment name

8. Email Correspondence: Please communicate with me outside of class through my KSU email address. I will reply within 48 business day working hours. Feel free to make an appointment to meet with me during office hours.

9. A Final Word...A certain element of my courses involves the disruption of the student's comfort zone concerning educational practice and philosophical, social, cultural, and political beliefs. We may question and challenge long-held beliefs with the intention of broadening your perspectives and world views. Disruption and discomfort may not be feelings that you as a student welcome, so I am letting you know ahead of time.