Courses Taught



Thesis/Dissertation Committees

2017-present: EDL Committee, Chair, Felicia Angelle

2017: EDL Committee, Chair, Polly Tennies, Leadership for Parent Involvement. Graduated

2016: EDL Committee, Mark Lang

2015-present: Committee, Lisa Williams

2015: SMGE Committee, Laura Astorian

2015: MAST Capstone Committee, Tanya Brinkley, Feminist Impostor: A Feminist in Training Ethnographic Journey

2014: MAST Capstone Committee, Rob Hadaway, Dramaturgy: Kurt Weill’s Street Scene: An American Opera and the American Immigrant’s Experience

2013: Chair, Scott McManus; Curriculum of Influences on Emotional Wellbeing: Stress, Compassion Fatigue, and Burnout Among Educators and Special Educators

2013: Invited External member, Frank Jordan, Georgia Southern University

2012: Chair, Jennifer Grazer; A Tempest in the Halls: Intersections of Social Justice, Student Collaboration, and Devised Theater

2012: Invited External member, Patsy Faulkner, Georgia Southern University




AMST 7430: American Identities: Queer Studies and Sexuality
EDAD 8100: Curriculum Theory & Practice in Middle & Secondary Schools     
EDAD 8300: Critical Issues & Educational Policy for Teacher Leaders
EDRS 8000: Applied Quantitative and Qualitative Research
EDRS 8900: Applied Field Experience
EDUC 6400: Reflective Inquiry and Action Research

EDUC 7700: Reflective Inquiry

EDUC 7752: Multiple Literacies in Schools and Communities
EDUC 7797: Capstone 
EDUC 8300: Intercultural Communication and Global Learning
GWST 3010: Queer Theory & Sexuality
GWST 3030: Gender and Popular Culture
GWST 3040: Special Topics in Gender & Women’s Studies: A) Queering the American South; B) LGBTQ Identities
EDCI 7510 Curriculum Development and Evaluation

AMST 7330: Identities & Social Groups: LGBTQ Narratives & Identity

RELS 3780: Gender, Sexuality, and Religion