Let's Build a Website

We Are Powerful Jedi and Strong In the Force - Special Edition
September 2018

What a Fool Believes: Managing a Web Project Without a Project Manager
September 2018

We Are Powerful Jedi and Strong In the Force
USG Web Tech Day
April 2018

Building an Amazing Collaborative Web Team and Environment
Georgia Summit
September 2017

Let's Build a Website
Addison Elementary School
May 2015

The Sustainable Mobile Web
Mobility and Modern Web Conference, UCLA
September 2014

Creating Online Exhibits
Georgia Association of Museums and Galleries
January 2014

Improving the Higher Education Web Experience Through Responsive Web Design
University System of Georgia Annual Computing Conference
October 2013

Responsive Web Design Workshop
Educause, Anaheim, CA
October 2013

Mobile Web Frameworks (MWF)
Educause, Denver CO
October 2012

Usability 101
Kennesaw State University
February 2006

Inside a Redesign: A Look Inside for the Non-Designer
Georgia Writers Association
Kennesaw State University
October 2002