Funded Projects at KSU                

2018–2023   M. Stollenz: RUI: Highly Luminiescent Multinuclear Coinage Metal Arrays with
    a Twist: A New Approach to Design Light-Emitting Molecular Wires and Coils
    Award #1800332 ($269,407)
    National Science Foundation, NSF

2019–2020   College of Sciences and Mathematics Mentor Protégé Program Award ($4,000)
2016–2018   M. Stollenz: Highly Luminescent Multinuclear Coinage Metal Arrays
    College of Science and Mathematics Research Stimulus Program ($34,194)
2015–2016   M. Stollenz: A Novel Approach to Molecular Wires and Coils as Light-Emitting
    Incentive Funding Awards for Research & Creative Activity ($7,989)
    by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at KSU (CETL)