General Biology

Links to general interest websites dealing with BIOLOGY:  

  • ActionBiosciences website to promote bioscience literacy by examining issues in the biological sciences that will: motivate the public to play an active role in biology education, show how developments in biological research can affect everyone promote an understanding of biogeography and the biodiversity of life, engage the public to reflect on the relationship between human activity and the natural course of evolution, foster a global community attitude of ecoliving and ecoculture and encourage students to pursue studies in the biosciences. This site contains a number of peer-reviewed articles written by prominent scientists about issues dealing with biodiversity, evolution, genetic engineering science education, and other topics.
  • BioWeb -- This website is maintained by the University of Wisconsin system. It contains websites with images, links and programs dealing with Botany, Ecology, Genetics, Zoology and more.
  • EarthTrends - EarthTrends is a comprehensive online database, maintained by the World Resources Institute, that focuses on the environmental, social, and economic trends that shape our world.
  • DNA Interactive - Website dedicated to the history, stucture and function of DNA as well as the uses of technologies associated studying DNA..
  • National Academy of Sciences -- This United States National Academy of Sciences web site contains resources about evolution and the nature of science. It has links for teachers, a statements from the NAS about teaching about evolution and science as well as related links with information about court cases, Darwin, and many more topics.
  • Taxonomy Resources - some of the references and online resources used by the Taxonomy group at GenBank
  • Understanding Evolution - Web Site at UC Berkeley, especially good for teachers.
  • University of California Berkeley Museum of Paleontology (UCMP). This is an excellent site and I recommend it very highly. Click on "On-line Exhibits" to find information about evolution, geology and phylogeny. The "Web Lift to Any Taxon" is an quick and easy way to find information about a number of different taxa. The UCMP "Subway" has links to many other informative sites including museums around the world. It’s worth an hour or two of surfing on/from this site!


  • Careers - Click here for links that will provide you with information about careers/jobs in or related to Biology.