Thinking of applying to graduate school, medical school, law school, a job, internship, scholarship,...anything?!

Students requesting Dr. Gooding to write a letter of recommendation for graduate school, internship, employment, etc., should submit their request a minimum of 2 months before the earliest recommendation is due. Failure to follow these instructions will negate the recommendation.

Prepare a portfolio containing the following, using the Recommendation Request Portfolio:

Introduction Section

1. Summary table (in order of submission deadline), listing the university/company/organization, date due, department, program, and degree.   

  • Department to which you are applying (e.g., Department of Anthropology, School of Education, Law School, etc.)
  • Degree sought (e.g., Masters of Science, Masters of Arts, Doctor of Philosophy, Medical Doctor, etc.)

2. Background information sheet compiling the courses and experiences you have had with Dr. Gooding. Use the “Other” section to include anything not listed on the sheet.


Individual Recommendation Requests

Complete the recommendation request sheet for each recommendation needed.

1. Attach a personal statement (only applicable as requested by the application undergraduate or graduate programs). If the recommendation letter is not for a graduate program, then you should write a paragraph stating why you are qualified for the position, scholarship, undergraduate program, internship, or job. Be specific and not written like a life soap opera. Show strength and purpose and intent to graduate or excel with honors in job or graduate school. Do your homework and mention the positive correlation of your goals and their Mission Statement. You should have a personal statement for each program.

2. Resume or Curriculum vita (CV) which includes information about your education, past employment, volunteer work, awards, honors, research experience, special skills (e.g., computer skills), and anything else that you deem relevant to your application. This should include your cumulative GPA and Anthropology GPA. Generally, you only need to attach one resume or CV for all requests.


A hard copy of your completed portfolio is preferred. If you have no way to get it to campus, please email it to me.


                                                       Contact Information for Requests


Dr. Alice F. Gooding                                                               

Department of Geography and Anthropology                                        

402 Bartow Avenue NW

MD 2203 Social Sciences Rm 3002

Kennesaw State University

Kennesaw, GA 30144-5591


Phone: 470.578.2503