About SkeVar

Welcome to the Skeletal Variation Research Group! Our goal is to investigate bone-related questions and provide students and professionals with top-notch training, mentoring, and teaching. SkeVar members develop foundational knowledge in skeletal anatomy and human variation, and build transferable skills in experimental design, curation, and scientific writing.  

SkeVar has two main disciplinary foci- static bone biomechanics and forensic anthropology. Students studying medicine, kinesiology, biology, or other clinical research learn to collect biometric data and CT scans from living participants. Students with an inclination towards osteology learn how to collect metric data from skeletal material and perform field research in clandestine grave recovery.


Check out SkeVar's two physical labs:

Bone Biomechanics Lab

Forensic Anthropology Field Lab


Interested in collaborating with us? Reach out to the SkeVar Princinple Investigator, Dr. Alice Gooding - alice.gooding@kennesaw.edu

Students looking to get invloved? Check out our page just for you!