Bone Biomechanics Lab

SkeVar Lab

Location: KSU Kennesaw Campus, Social Sciences Building, Room 3002; 470-578-2503

Principle Investigator: Dr. Alice Gooding,

Lab Coordinator: Larry Cates, MA,


The Bone Biomechanics Lab investigates sport as a model to understand human evolutionary adaptation. That is, we are interested in how the bones of modern people can be used to interpret how past peoples got their food and moved across the landscape. We are currently recruiting for our raquet sports study


Lab Equipment


Stratec pQCT XCT 3000 scanner- This CT scanner is designed to capture bone (fat and muscle to a lesser extent) imaging in the forearm and lower leg of living participants. We have also outfitted the scanner to image dry skeletal material, including crania. 


SkeVar Digitizer

Microscibe G2 Digitizer- A digitizer captures points in space for collecting metric data from three-dimensional objects. For example, craniometric measurements usually taken by hand with calipers can be gathered using the digitizer for increased accuracy, precision, and range of measurements.


 Avizo skull

Avizo 3D Visualization and Analysis Software- Researchers have a dedicated workstation with Avizo. Current projects include building models of crania from CT scans and testing long bone cross-sectional geometry. 



Osteometric Equipment

Osteometric Tools and Comparative Skeletal Collections- For effecient collection of bone measurements, SkeVar has osteometric boards and highly-calibrated spreading calipers available. We house a relatively large collection of skeletal remains for teaching, training, and comparative data collection.