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Student Resources for the Montepulciano Summer Program

Important Phone Numbers and websites:

  • Site Director, Ken Hill 1.770.940.7549 or +39.331.438.2177;
  • Academic Director for Session I: Joe Dirnberger +39.392.763.4563 or 1.770.490.0034;
  • Academic Director for Session II: Todd Harper +39.392.763.4563 or 1.770.367.8688;
  • Scula di Italiano il Sasso (Heike Wilms): +39.057.875.8311. Email: 
  • KSU police 1.470.578.6666
  • U.S. Embassy (Rome) +39.06.46741
  • U.S. Consulate (Florence) +
  • CISI 001.203.399.5130
  • If your family has trouble getting through with any of the numbers above, they may contact Katie Emslie (470.578.4953; or Iyonka Strawn-Valcy (470-578-7787; at the Education Abroad Office (Main office#: 470-578-6336), and they will contact you as soon as possible.
  • While in Montepulciano, contact Ken Hill or the Academic Director (at the phone numbers listed above) in case of emergency, before calling the local police (112). The number for general emergencies is 113, for medical emergencies it is 118, and for fire it is 115.
  • U.S. State Department travel advisories
  • Updates on transportation strikes in Italy

GroupMe groups:

What to do if you lose your passport and other U.S. Embassy & Consulate services in Italy

How to buy a train ticket and validate your ticket before boarding (and another site on train tickets). When buying a ticket from a machine, I would suggest taking a picture of the screen that shows you the train numbers especially if you are changing trains (the information on the platforms is not as complete). Remember, on return trips back to town, your destination station is Chiusi, not Montepulciano Stazione. From the train station in Chiusi, you can either get a local bus (tickets available at the news stand in the station) or a taxi to Montepulciano. Bus do not run all the time, especially in the Sunday afternoon and Sunday evening. There are several types of trains in Italy (click here for a more extensive site on Italian trains)

How to ride the Metro in Rome and How to get between Rome Fiumicino Airport and the city center.

While traveling outside of official program travel, all student travelers are required to fill out a hard-copy form indicating their itinerary (include date and location of departure/return, transportation (train, flight #, bus, etc)), and housing at new destination. Return the form before departing on the trip to either the Site Manager (Ken Hill) or the Academic Director (Dr. Dirnberger).

How to use your cell phone in Italy

A Framework for our Fieldtrips


Things to do on weekends in and near Montepulciano

  • Possible activities around Montepulciano include taking Italian food making classes, riding horseback, hiking and cylcing the countryside, visiting a spa, climbing the civic tower for a view of Tuscany, taking a carriage ride, seeing a saint's body, experiencing nearby vineyards and farms, staying in an agriturismo bed and breakfast, touring underground Montepulciano, visiting the Civic Museum, exploring of local churches including the famous Renaissance tempio of San Biago, enjoying great restaurants, buying souvenirs and gifts made by local craftsmen in the many shops of the town, relaxing with friends...

  • Day trips to nearby hilltop towns accessible by charter tour bus or by public bus

    • Pienza - A nice place to souvenir shop as well being historically significant as the first planned Renaissance town

    • Chianociano Terme - A well-preserved historic center with a series of art, history, and fashion exhibits (free) running all summer long.  There is also a large swimming complex there (Piscina di Chianciano)

    • Sinalunga - Another will-preserved hilltop town. Below the town is a modern commercial center with more practical stores such as electronics.

  • Bus to the sea - The bus leaves once a day at 7:10 am and leaves the coastal town of Castiglione della Pescaia at 6:10 pm (don't miss it!). The ride takes a bit over 2 hours, and there are public beaches as well as pay-beaches lining clear blue Mediterranean waters (and another hilltop town to climb!).

Orientation Handouts

Activity for first weekend: Exploring Montepulciano

Sunset Montepulciano