Summer 2023 in Paris

Summer 2023 Study Abroad in Paris, France

Geography study abroad in Paris summer 2023

Study geography with Dr. McDaniel and more abroad in Paris, France, in Summer 2023 through the USG Goes Global Paris summer study abroad program!

La “Ville Lumière,” Paris is home to countless museums, cafés, and medieval streets that wind around contemporary architecture. A city à decouvrir, Paris is an invitation to experience all the world’s cultures while maintaining a proud and distinctly French feeling. Picture yourself spending a summer studying in the “City of Light,” the “museum without walls,” immersed in history and surrounded by some of the world’s finest art, architecture, and music. As a participant in the Paris Study Abroad Program, you won’t have to imagine these things—you can live them. The “Capital of the World” is your classroom as you study history where it was made, attend theater and music performances by world-renowned companies and ensembles, write in parks and cafés where Fitzgerald and Hemingway wrote, and learn French immersed in the language. Paris offers all of this and more as part of this study abroad program.

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From June 29 to July 31, 2023, I'll be teaching two geography courses (GEOG 1101: Introduction to Human Geography and GEOG 3300: Urban Geography) as part of this program in Paris (contact Dr. Paul McDaniel in the Department of Geography and Anthropology at Kennesaw State University for more details or to express interest in participating in this program).

Program Details, Courses, and Faculty

Geography study abroad in Paris summer 2023

Program Dates are June 29 (arrive in Paris on June 29) to July 31, 2023 (with a mandatory orientation & first class meetings at MGA in Macon, GA on May 13, 2023, and several online class meetings during late May and June ahead of time abroad). During the time in Paris (June 29 to July 31), each class meets for two hours in the morning and afternoon on Mondays and Tuesdays each week. Students choose one morning course and one afternoon course (two courses total, see list below). There will also be full-day field trips as part of each class on Wednesdays and Thursdays each week. Most evenings and weekends (Friday to Sunday) are free for you to explore Paris or travel elsewhere on your own. Several faculty are offering a variety of courses for you to mix and match two courses in two different disciplines. Select one morning course and one afternoon course (course numbers may vary by USG institution; course equivalent numbers for KSU are forthcoming):

Morning Courses (Choose One):

  • GEOG 1101: Introduction to Human Geography - Shining a Light on the World from the City of Light

    Instructor: Dr. Paul McDaniel, Kennesaw State University. At KSU, this course is GEOG 1101: Introduction to Human Geography, and satisfies general education Area E4. Description: We live in a dynamic world! Geography and Geospatial Sciences equip us with the perspectives, skills, and tools to apply knowledge to better understand the world and its many diverse physical and human processes, and to contribute to sound decision-making about those processes, from the local to the global scale. Geography and maps are a fundamental language for understanding the world. They provide a framework for organizing and communicating our knowledge. Increasingly geography is used in virtually every field of human endeavor, providing a universal language for understanding, communicating ideas, and providing insights. Geography asks the big questions—Where? How? Why? What if?—and gives you the perspective to answer them with advanced technology and a solid knowledge of the world in which we all live. Through this human geography course, we’ll explore global geographic patterns of resources, population, culture, economic, political, and urban systems and their local level impacts while being immersed in a foreign culture and landscape. We will explore defining concepts in geography by focusing on the stories of real people, global trends, topics that transcend borders, and how these patterns affect local places. In essence, how do global patterns shape local lives, near and far? While in France, we’ll observe broader concepts as they occur on the Parisian and French landscape, allowing us to compare and contrast these patterns with our home culture. GEOG 1101 satisfies Area E social science general education requirement.

  • FREN 2001: Intermediate French I

    Instructor: Dr. Sabrina Wengier, Middle Georgia State University. Description: A continuation of the development of proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and cultural competency. Students will speak, write, read, and listen to French and they will be exposed and immersed in French culture. Our Parisian surroundings will be part of our classroom as well.

  • GWST 2000: Introduction to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies - An American/French Transnational Approach

    Instructor: Dr. Dana Wiggins, Georgia State University. Description: This course is an introduction to the interdisciplinary field of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Throughout the course we will examine gender, sexuality, and expressions of power that structure both American and French society. Topics include American/French sexism, racism, imperialism, homophobia, classism, dis/ability, nationality, and intersectionality.

  • GWST 3090: Feminist Theories - A Transnational Approach

    Instructor: Dr. Dana Wiggins, Georgia State University. Description: Introduction to critical questions and contemporary debates in U.S. feminist theories, including the interrelations between increasing globalization and theorizing gender/sexuality. This interdisciplinary course will examine gender, sexualiaty, and expressions of power that structure both American and French society. Topics include American/French sexism, racism, imperialism, homophobia, classism, dis/ability, nationality, and intersectionality. 

Afternoon Courses (Choose One):

  • GEOG 3300: Urban Geography - Exploring Cities and Urban Life in Paris

    Instructor: Dr. Paul McDaniel, Kennesaw State University. At KSU, this course is GEOG 3300: Urban Geography. Description: Cities are dynamic landscapes! Urban geography explores the origins and development of cities, uncovers the excitement and diversity of cities, and examines urban challenges and opportunities. While in Paris, we’ll examine Paris through the lenses of physical and historical geography, urban economic geography, urban cultural and social geography, and urban political geography. Additionally, we’ll observe examples of global urban dynamics and local level impacts. We’ll witness how broader urban concepts occur on Paris’ historical and contemporary urban landscapes, allowing us to compare and contrast with the urban structure of our own familiar cities and towns in the U.S. GEOG 3300 satisfies an upper division related studies requirement for many majors.

  • ENGL 2110: World Literature from Paris

    Instructor: Dr. Lauren Curtright, Georgia State University. Satisfies an Area C1 General Education requirement. Description: Paris has long been a city where writers have found inspiration and freedom to develop innovative forms of literature. However, even as writers pursue dreams in Paris, their literature often captures the dark side of the “City of Light.” Students in this course will explore this contradiction as they survey writings translated into English or originally published in English. Readings, field trips, and class discussions will illuminate the ways in which the city of Paris has shaped—and has been shaped by—writers of diverse origins including Algeria, Argentina, Austria, Great Britain, India, Martinique, Romania, Senegal, the United States, and Vietnam. The class will draw thematic connections across a variety of literary genres and styles and will situate literature within historical and cultural contexts, exploring relationships between writing, visual art, politics, and place.

  • FREN 3302: French Conversation and Composition

    Instructor: Dr. Sabrina Wengier, Middle Georgia State University. Description: In this class, we will hone communication skills in French, both oral and written. We will work on vocabulary building and developing oral fluency and listening comprehension. We will develop your writing style in a variety of genres. Grammar review as needed. This class is taught in French. The  main  focus  of  the  course  is on communication (in all its forms, that is, through listening, speaking, writing, and reading), and French will be the official language of this classroom. We will be fully immersed in our Parisian surroundings and will soak in and discuss different aspects of Frenchness.

  • HIST 2112: Americans and Paris - A Survey of US History with a French Twist

    Instructor: Dr. Dana Wiggins, Georgia State University. Satisfies an Area E2 General Education requirement. Description: The course surveys American history from approximately 1500 to the modern day. Topics that comprise the course include cultural, social, political, and economic development of the United States, first as colonies, then as a nation. Moreover, the course will introduce the fundamental events, forces, and ideas that shaped the American nation and the lives of its people. We will especially seek to connect events of the past with current social, cultural, and political issues to see how these have helped form the fabric of today’s society...Since our class is in Paris we will pay particular attention to issues that impact US/French relations; however, the class will not exclude US-related topics. In terms of the French focus, we’ll explore the history of colonial North America and the United States from the first moments of sustained European contact with the American continent through the late 20th century. Since we are covering a period of some five centuries, we will be taking a thematic approach that will focus on contact between France and the United States. Topics include French colonization; the French and Indian War; French involvement in the American Revolution; Haitian Slave Rebellion; Louisiana Purchase; Democracy in America; Statue of Liberty; France and US imperialism; WWI and WWII; the “Lost Generation”; the Harlem Renaissance and Paris; France and US Civil Rights; modern French issues, including the war on terrorism.

How much does the program cost?

The package cost of approximately $4000 (this is an estimate, final details forthcoming) includes:

  • Transportation from/to Paris CDG airport on June 29 & July 31
  • Single-room dormitory with private bathroom at Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris
  • Partial meal plan
  • Unlimited travel on public transportation in all Paris zones
  • Welcome dinner
  • Trip to the Loire Valley
  • Dinner cruise on the Seine
  • Visit to Versailles palace and gardens, including a fireworks show
  • Primary health insurance policy covering any medical expenses

Additional Costs Not Included in Program Cost: Roundtrip airfare; travel to/from airport in the U.S.; tuition; textbooks; meals not covered; any passport & visa fees; any travel outside of Paris on 3 three-day weekends; memorabilia & other purchases.

Financial Aid: You may use financial aid to study abroad. Speak with a Financial Aid counselor. Students utilizing financial aid that will be disbursed after the payment deadline may request a payment deferral to the date their financial aid will be disbursed so that they do not have to make payments prior to receiving expected financial aid. Information about funding your study abroad program is also available from the KSU Education Abroad Office. The KSU Education Abroad Office also maintains a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page about education abroad. 

How to apply for this program?

The KSU Education Abroad Paris 2023 program page is here (this site contains detailed information regarding Getting Started, Program Details, Program Costs, Application Process, Health and Safety, and Scholarships) and the official USG Goes Global Paris Summer 2023 program page is here (submit official application through this site). 

Why go?

In addition to completing courses in an amazing location, this is your opportunity to visit many famous bucket list sights and places not only in Paris, but in France and Europe more broadly. You'll also have most weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) free to explore on your own! You might choose to remain in Paris, explore some of the other nearby towns and countryside of France, or travel further afield to places such as Normandy, Provence, Alsace, Loire Valley, French Alps, French Riviera, or visit another European country, and much, much more! 

Why Should I Participate in an Education Abroad Program?

  • Enhance your global awareness
  • Enhance your academic learning
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Advance your career
  • Experience personal growth
  • Learn another language
  • Immerse yourself in a new culture
  • Learn through experience while earning credit hours
  • Explore the actual geographic landscapes you're learning about in class
  • Experience first-hand masterpieces of art, architecture, and great historic venues
  • Build your resume
  • Make new friends
  • The opportunity to study abroad is a life-changing experience! Check out these testimonials from KSU students who have participated in previous education abroad programs! 
  • For even more reasons, see Why Should I Participate in an Education Abroad Program from the KSU Education Abroad Office

Where is Paris?

  • Check out this Google Map (be sure to view the accompanying photos and also zoom in on the map) and Google Earth link!

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