Summer 2024 in Porto

Program Cancelled as of March 14, 2024

Unfortunately, USG Goes Global made the difficult decision to cancel the Porto 2024 Summer Study Abroad program on March 14, 2024, due to low enrollment. However, the following information is left here as an example of the types of study abroad programs that are planned each year. 

Summer 2024 Study Abroad in Porto, Portugal

Study geography with Dr. McDaniel and more abroad in Porto, Portugal, in Summer 2024 (June 14-28, 2024) through the USG Goes Global Porto summer study abroad program! Scroll down for more info!

Summer 2024 study abroad in Porto

Program Details, Courses, and Faculty

Imagine yourself living in a gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage City wedged between a famed river with UNESCO World Heritage Center status and 2,000-year-old ancient grape vineyards on verdant hills. Porto, the second-largest city in Portugal is listed as a staple on best places to visit in Europe and only a three-hour train ride away from Lisbon. Studying in Porto offers you sparkling lovely beaches and fresh Atlantic Ocean air. It is a lively and youthful place to live with numerous colleges and universities. All of these factors are sure to support engagement in your study abroad learning experience. Portugal is especially noted for its kind people, wonderful traditional Fado music, surfing waves, home of a champion soccer team, strong cultural pride, easy shopping, clean and wifi-enabled public transportation, and delicious cuisine all set in a very peaceful country. 

Students on this program are expected to enroll in two of the proposed courses listed below for a total of 6 credit hours. Students will be responsible for coursework before, during, and after program travel. Coursework will be completed through onsite lectures, walking tours, and group discussions coupled with readings, writing assignments, and online lectures. Time abroad onsite in Porto is approximately two weeks in mid-to-late June 2024 (June 14-28, 2024). Courses begin before the program departs and may continue after the program returns via online content. The following are the courses that have been proposed for the Summer 2024 Porto program:

  • GEOG 1101: Introduction to Human Geography: Discovering Cultural, Economic, and Political Globalization in Portugal (satisfies a general education requirement)

    We live in a dynamic world! Geography and maps are fundamental for understanding our world. Geography asks the big questions—Where? How? Why? What if? We’ll explore global geographic patterns of population, cultural, economic, political, and urban systems and their local level impacts by focusing on globalization trends that transcend borders and how these patterns affect local places. In essence, how do global patterns shape local lives, near and far? While in Porto, we’ll observe global concepts as they occur on the local landscape, allowing us to compare and contrast these patterns with our home culture, economy, and environment. Instructor: Dr. Paul McDaniel, Kennesaw State University. At KSU, this course is GEOG 1101: Introduction to Human Geography, and satisfies general education Area E4. 

  • GEOG 4300: Urban Geography: Exploring Cities and Urban Life in Porto

    Cities are dynamic landscapes and most of humanity now lives in urban environments! Urban geography explores the origins and development of cities, uncovers the excitement and diversity of cities, and examines urban challenges and opportunities. While in Porto, we’ll observe urban landscapes through the lenses of physical and historical geography, economic geography, cultural and social geography, political geography, and urban planning. We’ll witness examples of global urban dynamics and local level impacts. We’ll experience how urban concepts occur on Porto’s historical and contemporary urban landscapes, allowing us to compare and contrast with our own familiar cities and towns back home. Instructor: Dr. Paul McDaniel, Kennesaw State University. At KSU, this course is GEOG 4300: Urban Geography. This course satisfies an upper-division elective/related studies credit in many majors. 

  • PSYC 4490: Food, Sport, Spirituality, Music: The Environmental Psychology of Porto

    This course will introduce students to contemporary theories and empirical research in environmental psychology, which is the study of the interrelationships between humans and their natural and built environments. Topics include major theories about human-environment interactions, natural and human-made disasters, the influence of environmental stressors (e.g., noise, weather, pollution, crowding) on individuals and larger social groups, as well as human behavior, planning and design. We will also discuss biological and social factors influencing our relationship with nature and issues related to environmental action and preservation. Upper-division course. Instructor: Dr. Carla Bluhm, Coastal College of Georgia.

  • SA 2290: Introduction to the Hospitality Industry: Where to Eat, Drink, Play, and Sleep

    This is an overview of the hospitality industry covering a wide variety of topics like tourism, restaurants, hotels, theme parks, national parks, attractions, cruise ships and casinos (and more). Lower-division course. Instructor: Dr. Richard Roberson, Coastal College of Georgia.

  • HMGT 4490: Beverage Management: The History, Manufacture, and Service of Beverages

    The course deals with the purchase, storage, and sale of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.  The historical and modern use of wine, beer and spirits in a food and beverage operation is explored in detail. Planning, control and marketing of beverages also is discussed at some length. Legal and regulatory issues are highlighted particularly. (SERVSAFE Alcohol Certification). Wine pairing, oenology, viticulture, brewing and distilling are explored in detail. Upper-division course. Instructor: Dr. Richard Roberson, Coastal College of Georgia.

Field Trips in Porto

The following are prospective field trips and sites we may visit as part of the program while abroad in Porto (this is a tentative list as program plans continue to take shape):

  • WOW Museum Porto Across Ages, Palacio da Bolsa, Sao Bento Train Station Tour
  • Casa da Música group tour, private string concert Porto Guiterra with Tico and guest Carlos Araujo
  • University of Porto tour and botanical garden tour (group tour in English) and group dinner Icarai
  • Porto Cemetery, Bom Successso food court, Porto Holocaust museum and Synagogue Tour
  • São Francisco Church & Catacombs and bird watching at Fluvial on Douro, free bands in town, fireworks over river at midnight 
  • WOW Museum Planet Cork, explore Nova da Gaia (optional Sandeman's Port Wine Cave tour and optional cable car ride over port wine caves)
  • Sardine Canning Plant "living" museum, tin wrapping, and fish tasting then walk to Sea Pools
  • FC Porto Stadium Tour and Museum
  • Norte Shopping Center and Bollhao Historic Market and Portuguese carnival evening field trip
  • Serralves Art Museum, Art Deco House, Tree Top Walk, and evening Sao Joao Town Festival
  • Casa da Architura and Siza family home tour 
  • Se Cathedral tour followed by mini Camino and lunch along Douro, P. Henry Navigator home

Summer 2024 study abroad in Porto

How much does the program cost?

Approximately $2,700 (subject to change, airfare NOT included, tuition NOT included). Refer to the official USG Goes Global Porto program page for more details about program cost, what all is included, and program dates. 

Financial Aid: You may use financial aid to study abroad for your courses on a study abroad program. Speak with a Financial Aid counselor. Students utilizing financial aid that will be disbursed after the payment deadline may request a payment deferral to the date their financial aid will be disbursed so that they do not have to make payments prior to receiving expected financial aid. Information about funding your study abroad program is also available from the KSU Education Abroad Office. The KSU Education Abroad Office also maintains a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page about education abroad. 

How do I apply for this program?

Visit the USG Goes Global Porto official program page on the USG Goes Global site and click the "Apply" button to begin your application. Also visit the USG Goes Global Porto program page on the KSU Education Abroad Site and review the info under the "Application Process" tab. 

Why Should I Participate in an Education Abroad Program?

  • Enhance your global awareness
  • Enhance your academic learning
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Advance your career
  • Experience personal growth
  • Learn another language
  • Immerse yourself in a new culture
  • Learn through experience while earning credit hours
  • Explore the actual geographic landscapes you're learning about in class
  • Experience first-hand masterpieces of art, architecture, and great historic venues
  • Build your resume
  • Make new friends
  • The opportunity to study abroad is a life-changing experience! Check out these testimonials from KSU students who have participated in previous education abroad programs!
  • For even more reasons, see Why Should I Participate in an Education Abroad Program from the KSU Education Abroad Office

Where is Porto?

Check out this Google Map (be sure to view the accompanying photos and also zoom in on the map) and Google Earth link!

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