IT 7333 ALG Learning Material

IT 7333 Sample Syllabus


LM 1. Evoluation of Wireless Network

LM1. Study Guide

LM1. Slides

LM2. Network Security Essentials

LM2. Study Guide

LM2. Slides

LM3. WLAN Overview

LM3. Study Guide

LM3. Slides

LM 4. WLAN Threats

LM4. Study Guide

LM4. Slides

LM 5. WLAN Security

LM5. Study Guide

LM5. Slides

LM 6. WLAN Security Tools

LM6. Study Guide

LM6. Learning Material

LM 7. Mobile Network Security Threats

LM7. Study Guide

LM7. Slides

LM 8. Wireless Security Audit

LM8. Learning Material

LM8. Slides

LM 9. Evolution of Cloud

LM9. Study Guide

LM9. Slides

LM 10. Confidentiality and Integrity of Cloud

LM10. Study Guide

LM10. Slides

LM 11. Cloud Threats & Vulnerabilities

LM11. Study Guide

LM11. Slides

LM 12. Cloud Computing Security

LM12. Study Guide

LM12. Slides


Assignments & Final Project

Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Assignment 3

Final Project