Math 3272: Linear Programming (Fall 2022)

General Information

Instructor: Mikhail Lavrov
Location: Mathematics 112
Lecture times: 5:00pm to 6:15pm on Tuesday and Thursday
Textbook: Linear Programming: Foundations and Extensions by Robert Vanderbei. You can access it online via SpringerLink (you will have to click Log in, in the top right, and access it via KSU's subscription).
Office hours: TBD
D2L page: TBD

D2L will be used to submit assignments (these will be posted both here and on D2L, for convenience) and to view grades. The syllabus will also be posted on D2L.

Homework and Exams

There will be eight homework assignments, two midterm exams, and one final exam; the dates are marked below. (I may change the midterm exam days by ±1 lecture if I have to adjust the pace of the class, but I'll announce this in advance if it must happen.)

I will post the homework assignments here and on D2L; they are always due on Friday at 11:59pm, via D2L.

Exams will be given in person during our ordinary 75-minute class period.


Our official textbook for the course is Robert Vanderbei's Linear Programming: Foundations and Extensions. I will not go entirely in the same order, and sometimes I will cover topics this textbook does not cover. In any case, all the material covered will be in the lecture notes posted on this page.

Detailed Schedule

A label like RV 12.34 indicates that we will cover Chapter 12, section 34 of the textbook. (We might not always cover exactly the material in that section.)

Lecture notes will be available on the day of the lecture or earlier.

  • Date
    Topic Covered
    Other details
  • Tue 8/16
    Intro to linear programs
    RV 1.1-1.2
  • Thu 8/18
    Constraints in LPs
    RV 1.2,2.1
  • Tue 8/23
    Review of linear algebra
  • Thu 8/25
    Basic solutions; pivoting
    RV 2.1
    HW1 due Friday
  • Tue 8/30
    Objective functions
    RV 2.1-2.2
  • Thu 9/1
    The simplex method
    RV 2.4-2.5
  • Tue 9/6
    Two-phase methods
    RV 2.3
  • Thu 9/8
    Pivoting rules
    RV 3.1-3.4
    HW2 due Friday
  • Tue 9/13
    Corner points
  • Thu 9/15
    Matrix notation
    RV 6.1
  • Tue 9/20
    Revised simplex method
    RV 6.2-6.3
  • Thu 9/22
    Simplex method review
    HW3 due Friday
  • Tue 9/27
    Exam 1
  • Thu 9/29
  • Tue 10/4
  • Thu 10/6
    HW4 due Friday
  • Tue 10/11
  • Thu 10/13
  • Tue 10/18
  • Thu 10/20

    HW5 due Friday
  • Tue 10/25
  • Thu 10/27
  • Tue 11/1
  • Thu 11/3

    HW6 due Friday
  • Tue 11/8
  • Thu 11/10
    Exam 2
  • Tue 11/15
  • Thu 11/17

    HW7 due Friday
  • Tue 11/22
    No class
  • Thu 11/24
    No class
  • Tue 11/29
  • Thu 12/1

    HW8 due Friday
  • Tue 12/6
    Final exam (6:00pm - 8:00pm)